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More detail about GSL Sugar Balance...
Sugar Balance by GSL® combines herbs and nutritional supplements to increase the release of insulin from the pancreas and increase the number of insulin receptors, thus increasing insulin sensitivity. Its main ingredient is bitter melon extract, which contains an insulin-like protein called Polypeptide-P. Ingesting the plant or an extract form of the plant seems to work on both the pancreas and non-pancreatic cells to help decrease blood glucose levels. Clinical trials and lab reports show the health benefits of Bitter Melon. • Bitter Melon: may break down the barier that prevents cells from using the body's insulin. • Gymnema Sylvestre: may decrease glucose absorption and improve the ability to use glucose for energy. • Nopal: may decrease glucose absorption from the intestines while increasing the effectiveness of insulin. • American Ginseng: may enhances physical capacity which positively affects long-term sugar control...
Detail about Axni Liver Care Complex V2.0
Applicable people: 1. Patients of various types of acute and chronic hepatitis, hepatitis virus carriers, and those with complications. 2. Patients of cirrhosis, liver cancer, or liver poisoning. 3. Those recovered from liver diseases, especially from hepatitis B and liver cancer. 4. Those with abnormal liver function. 5. Patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy. 6. Alcoholics. 7. Suggested use for those who are either under huge working pressure or with overwhelming workload. 8. Preventive doses should be taken by those who work in or travel around liver disease-prone areas. 9. Preventive doses should be taken by those who face frequent socializing drinking. Take 2 softgels before drinking to avoid getting drunk easily, or take 2 softgels after being drunk to help with quick recovery. 10. Those who underwent liver removal surgery or liver transplant. 11. It is strongly suggested that those with family history of liver cancer should use this product. 12. It is strongly suggested that those who are 40 years and older with history of hepatitis B should use this product. 13. A person take medicine often.